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Don't let your eyes let you down.  You want to win and you need an advantage over your competition.

All elite athletes train for strength and endurance in competition.  Olympic and professional athletes do vision therapy to enhance their play.  You, as an athlete in your own right, can train your eyes to work faster with greater endurance with less fatigue.

The C-Rod is a vision therapy tool designed to enhance oculomotor skills in just 5 minutes per day.  Take it with you and use it anywhere.  Use the C-Rod as a pre-game warm-up for your eyes.  When used daily, the C-Rod will enhance your eye movement skills so that your eyes work together smoother and faster, with better endurance and less fatigue.  Your eyes can develop the much sought after "Quiet Eye" (steady eye fixation) experienced by top athletes world-wide.

Keep a step ahead of the competition and do something they don't do - train and strengthen your oculomotor skills with the C-Rod.

6 eye exercises - 5 minutes a day - and you can be a better more elite eSports player.