About Us

The C-Rod as an vision therapy / vision rehabilitation tool was first contemplated in 1983 when the inventor was a student at Pacific University, College of Optometry.  The idea of having a single tool to test and treat oculomotor dysfunction sat dormant until 2015 when concussion injury started to come to the forefront of public and medical discussion.  In 2015 the optometrist who designed the C-Rod was studying Visual Evoked Potentials (VEPs) as a means of objectively assessing concussion injury and recovery.  Knowing that every concussion injury results in oculomotor difficulties, the memory of the 1983 idea triggered the innovator to change from objectively measuring concussion injury and recovery with VEPs to helping persons during their recovery period.  The C-Rod is Patent Pending and its many applications are shown on the web page.  Your purchasing of the C-Rod which will not only help you, but will also help fund further research in concussion injury.