• The C-Rod: Trains Oculomotor Skills in Just 5 Minutes A Day

The C-Rod Is A Vision Therapy / Vision Rehabilitation Device That You Can Use At Home To Train Oculomotor Function

Eye Exercises To Enhance Oculomotor Skills

Oculomotor Skills Are:

1) Saccadic Eye Movements: the ability to move eyes back and forth - both fast and slow

2) Fixation: the ability to hold your focus on a target.

3) Pursuits or Tracking: the ability to follow an object and keep it clear and single.

Oculomotor skills play a key roll in our ability to enjoy clear, comfortable and efficient vision.  Oculomotor skills can be dysfunctional and can benefit from therapy.

Any therapist will tell you - find you weakest skill and then work it to make it stronger!

Concussion Recovery

Concussion Recovery

Eye Exercises - Oculomotor Skills VIDEO

No Matter What You Do You Need Your Eyes To Work At Their Most Efficient Level

Synergy: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

When your eyes work together efficiently you enjoy optimal visual function.

Use the C-Rod for 5 minutes a day to develop strong and efficient oculomotor function.

The C-Rod

The C-Rod is an eye exercise tool that can help you achieve better oculomotor skills by using standardized protocols and working distances on 4 fixed planes: 1) Saccadic Eye Movements on a standardized horizontal plane - first slow then fast. 2) Slow Saccadic Eye Movements on the vertical and oblique planes. 3) Fixation and Tracking on a horizontal plane. 4) Dynamic Near Point of Convergence Exercises; Near-Far Jumps. 5) Accommodation/Convergence training. All in just 5 minutes a day. U.S. Patent D931,457