What Is The C-Rod?

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The C-Rod is a vision therapy / vision rehabilitation tool used to assess and train saccadic eye movements and other oculomotor skills.

Oculomotor skills include saccades (quick eye movements), fixation and ocular pursuits.  

The C-Rod has 6 exercises - (1) fixation (2) near/far jumps for accommodation/convergence training (3) pursuits and tracking (4) saccades along the horizontal, vertical and oblique planes (5) saccadic endurance and (6) fast saccades.  The C-Rod's fixation targets are separated by a standardized 40 cm on a defined plane (as opposed to the standard practice of holding two pencils as targets at random distances and off plane).

Team trainers, coaches and physicians can observe saccadic eye movements and accommodation/convergence functions to help decide if an athlete is likely to have a concussion and when they could return to play.  

Oculomotor dysfunction associated with brain injury can recover FOUR TIMES FASTER with the C-Rod's vision therapy compared to rest alone.

Home use of the C-Rod compliments in-clinic training to reduce recovery time.