"Quiet Eye"

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"Quiet Eye" is a term used in sports vision training to describe a "still eye" just before participating in a task that requires aiming.  

You can train your eyes to behave "quietly" by enhancing your oculomotor skills - your eye movement skills - with 6 eye exercises in just 5 minutes a day.

Gabriel Hjertstedt, two time winner on the PGA tour and one of the world's best golfers, used to do home-made "eye exercises" before each game before he knew what formal vision therapy exercises were available.

PGA, CPGA and LPGA Professional putting coaches Brett Saunders and Gabriel Hjertstedt have both endorsed the C-Rod as a sports vision training tool for putting and present it to their professional and amateur players.

Be a better putter - train for "Quiet Eye" with the C-Rod.