Visual Rehabilitation

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Most people with a "minor" concussion take about 90 days to return to symptom free daily activities.  The goal of vision therapy/vision rehabilitation is to help an injured person return to a functional lifestyle free of visual distress. (headache, double vision, poor eye tracking skills, slow eye movements when looking from one point to another, maintaining a focus, loss of ability for the eyes to work together as a team, eye strain, eye fatigue, glare and light sensitivity)

Anyone with a concussion will have visual distress.  Many will have convergence insufficiency.  Recent research suggests 30% may have esophoria.  All will have saccadic and oculomotor dysfunction.

Vision is a brain function.  The eye is a receptor that changes light energy into nerve energy and sends information to your brain.  Eyes move and are aligned based on signals from the brain. Concussion is a brain injury.

When you have a concussion you have difficulty maintaining a focus at any distance and this impacts reading, concentrating and the ability to enjoy everyday tasks - it's as if your eyes have lost their ability to work together. 

When a person with a concussion first attempts to use the C-Rod they will find the 6 exercises to be intolerable.  With time, patience and perseverance, a concussed person will find that their ability to work with the C-Rod improves over time.  The path of eye movement improvement is feedback as to how well you are recovering.

Barb T., a Registered Massage Therapist instructor in Vancouver who suffered a concussion used the C-Rod and testifies "the C-Rod empowered me to follow a clear and concise rehabilitation program, which only took a few minutes a day.  Adherence to the program paid off." 

Ciuffereda et al (J Behav Optom 1996;7(2):31-38 showed that in traumatic brain injury, saccadic eye movements recovered FOUR TIMES FASTER than natural recovery when minimal training was employed.  

The C-Rod is ideal for people who have a concussion but can not afford the cost of clinic visits or want to do home therapy to support and enhance their in-clinic treatments. 

Using the C-Rod for 5 minutes a day at home will give you feedback as to how well you are recovering.