Efficient Eye Movements

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Vision is a learned skill with the first eight years of life being the critical development period.  Vision is a brain function.  Your eye is a receptor that changes light energy into nerve energy.  Your brain processes the signal from your eyes and does the seeing.  Your eye muscles respond to signals from the brain.  These parts must learn to work together in a smooth, coordinated, efficient manner.  When they do, you enjoy comfortable vision.

You  have six skeletal muscles surrounding each eye.  Like any skeletal muscle or brain activity, you can enhance performance by challenging limits.

It is common for people to wonder if vision therapy can help their eye muscles.  The C-Rod will help your eye muscles behave with stronger, faster eye movements and have greater endurance by training your brain to better integrate with your eye muscles.

Anyone - especially a child with a reading difficulty -  any athlete, any computer operator, any senior citizen and anyone recovering from a concussion can benefit from enhancing their oculomotor skills by doing the 6 C-Rod eye exercises for just 5 minutes a day.