Common Questions

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Team Coaches, Trainers and Physicians Ask: "What else can I do to better determine if and athlete has a concussion?" and "How can I have reasonable assurance that it is safe for my athlete to return to play?"

Concussion Patients Ask: "Am I getting better?", "What can I do to help myself get better?" and "How can I tell if I am getting better?"

Athletes Ask: "How do I make my eyes work faster with more accuracy and have better endurance?" and "What can I do that my competition isn't doing that can make me better at my sport?"

Teachers Ask: "How can I help my students be better readers?"

Computer Operators Ask: "How can I get relief from computer eyestrain?"

Therapists Ask: "What engaging activity can I do to help seniors with Parkinson's disease and those recovering from a stroke?"

Patients Ask Eye Doctors: "Are there any eye exercises I can do on my own at home to help myself?" 

What Do I Get With My Purchase?

  1. One C-Rod (patent pending)
  2. The C-Rod Information Pamphlet
  3. The C-Rod User Guide with easy to follow instructions
  4. C-Rod Baseline / Progress tracking advice and chart
  5. Improved eye movement strength, speed and endurance!