Sports Vision Training

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You can't play the ball until you see the ball.  Athletes require their eyes to move and react without even thinking of the reaction.  Their eye movements must be fast and smooth and have endurance so that they don't "break down" during a visually demanding task.

One of the most necessary and overlooked aspects of being a better athlete is having efficient oculomotor skills.  You can't play the ball until you see the ball, puck or any other moving object.  You can't track a ball if your eyes cannot fixate on the ball without fatigue or overshooting that moving target especially if you are moving too.  You are a better putter in golf or a better billiards player if your eyes are "quiet".

Athletes want something that gives them a leg-up on their competition.

Olympic and professional teams have some form of visual training program for their players.

The C-Rod can help an amateur athlete gain an advantage over their competition by enhancing their eye's speed of reaction time, coordination, tracking skills and endurance.

Every athlete trains the 650 skeletal muscles in their body.  You have 6 skeletal muscles around each eye.  They too can become stronger, faster and have less fatigue by doing the 6 C-Rod eye exercises for 5 minutes a day.