For Concussion Recovery

Every person with a concussion will be visually symptomatic and have difficulty reading and enjoying everyday visual functions. 

Every person with a concussion asks: "Am I getting better?" and "What can I do to help myself get better?"

When a person with a concussion first attempts to use the C-Rod they would find the activities to be intolerable.  With time, patients and perseverance, anyone with a concussion would find that their ability to do the C-Rod activities would serve as a feedback as to how their recovery is progressing.

Once a person with a concussion can perform all of the C-Rod tasks symptom free then they will know they are at a place where they can once again enjoy a lifestyle free of the visual symptoms associated with a concussion injury and a team coach, trainer or physician can have reasonable assurance that it is safe to let the player return to the playing field.

Using the C-Rod challenges visual and brain activity while providing instant feedback to the user.