For Enhance Reading Skills

Reading is a learned skill involving complex brain processing.  Most children in North America learn to read during grades one to four.  Starting in grade four they read to learn.  Part of being able to read involves our eyes ability to focus in, turn in and rotate in, in a smooth and coordinated fashion with multiple eye jumps.

Good readers have good eye movement skills developed and adapted specifically for the task they are enduring.  They can maintain a comfortable focus at a near working distance while maintaing fusion, smooth tracking and smooth left-to-right-to left jumps without fatigue.

Poor readers are complex people have multifactoral reasons for their limited ability to read.  Using the C-Rod for just 5 minutes a day can help develop the eye movement skills necessary to be a better reader.

Just imagine what would happen if every child spent just 5 minutes a day using the C-Rod.