What Is The C-Rod?

What Is The C-Rod?


The C-Rod is a vision therapy tool that comes with instructions that anyone can use to enhance their eye movement (saccadic, oculomotor) skills.  Using the C-Rod will enhance your visual speed, strength and endurance.

Oculomotor skills include saccades (quick eye movements), fixation and ocular pursuits.  These skills are important in reading and sports and are known to breakdown with a concussion injury.

The C-Rod has 6 exercises - (1) fixation (2) near/far jumps (3) pursuits and tracking (4) saccades along the horizontal, vertical and oblique planes (5) saccadic endurance and (6) fast saccades - all in 5 minutes a day.

  • Team trainers, coaches and physicians can better decide if an athlete is likely to have a concussion and should be removed from play.
  • Oculomotor dysfunction associated with concussion can recover FOUR TIMES FASTER with vision therapy compared to rest alone.
  • Athletes can become better by training their visual skills.
  • Computer operators can work with less eye strain.
  • Students can become better readers with fewer mistakes.
  • Therapists can help people with Parkinson's disease or people recovering from a stoke to regain or maintain eye muscle skills.